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In this article, we explain how employees can edit specific company info that has been made editable by employees for a company

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A company can choose to make certain, select custom fields visible and editable by employees in order to have an employee provide and maintain the necessary info for such fields.

For example, bank account details, or t-shirt sizes (for swag), or emergency contact info are examples of info that can be supplied and maintained by an employee themselves, rather than having a company admin go in and update this info separately for each employee.

To edit and maintain company info that is editable by employees, an employee can perform the following steps:

  • Sign in to your Travelstop account and select your company

  • Go to Account settings and then click on Company info

  • Employees can view and edit any fields that are editable on this screen

  • Click Save when done

📝 Note: only fields that have been made editable by employees by a company admin are visible under the Company info section in Account settings for employees

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