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Troubleshooting guide (Quickbooks Online)
Troubleshooting guide (Quickbooks Online)

How to fix common integration issues with QuickBooks Online

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Error creating vendor:

A vendor with the same name already exists in QuickBooks Online.

  • It means that you have an Employee or a Customer record in QuickBooks Online with the same name as the Submitter on your expense report.

  • We cannot create a Vendor Record with the same name if it already exists in QuickBooks Online as an Employee or a Customer.

  • QuickBooks Online won't allow you to have an Employee, Customer and Vendor with the same name.

You can resolve this error by following these steps:

  • You can access the Employee or Customer record for your Submitter in QuickBooks Online and edit their name.

  • The name has to be differentiated from the name they have on their Travelstop account.

  • Once done, you can reaccess the expense report on Travelstop and click Export > Sync with QuickBooks Online to trigger manual sync.

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