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Learn how you can set an expense policy for your company.
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Expense policy allows you to define a set of rules for expense claims in your company. You can set up the rules that apply to all expense categories by default or set an individual category exception.

Here's are the rules that you can set:

Max amount: Maximum amount an employee can claim for an individual expense (or per day). If the expense amount is greater than this, it will be flagged as a violation.

Receipt required limit: Any expense exceeding this limit will need a receipt. If you want to make receipt mandatory for all the expense claims, you can simply set the limit to 0.

Max expense age: Age is defined as the number of days since the employee made the expense. Any expense older than this will be flagged as a violation.

Purpose field: You can make purpose field mandatory if you want employees to give you additional context for the expense (short description or purpose).

πŸ“ Note:

  • Expenses that fall outside the boundaries of your rules will be flagged as a violation.

  • Employees will be able to submit out of policy expenses for approval.

  • Out of policy warnings will be displayed prominently to the submitter as well as the approver.

How to set up Expense Policy?

Company Owners and Admins can set up a default expense policy (applies to all expense categories) by following these steps:

  • Log in to your Travelstop account

  • Go to 'Company settings' and select 'Policy'

  • You will see a section for Expense policy, where you can set your Policy.

  • Click Show details and Edit details to add Policy for all your expense categories at once.

How to add category exceptions?

To add an exception for an individual expense category, you can follow these steps:

  • Look for Exception section under Expense policy

  • Click on Add exception

  • Select the category and add the rules

πŸ“ Note:

  • Exceptions will overwrite the default rules that apply to all categories

πŸ’‘ Pro-tip: Employees can click on the πŸ“– icon on the navigation bar (top right) to view the current expense policy

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