Using cost centres, you can easily track your travel and expense spending for different units within your organisation. You can define cost centres as per your business units or divisions.

How do I create a cost centre?

Company Owners and Admins can create a new cost centre by following these steps:

  1. Click Sign in on the Travelstop homepage and select your company (You can directly sign in using your company's Travelstop URL as well).
  2. Go to Company settings and select Cost centres.
  3. Click Create new
  4. Enter the Cost centre name
  5. Add members (employees) who belong to this cost centre.
  6. Click Save to finish

👁 Cost centre visibility

Allow employees to access all cost centres

  • By default, this setting is selected, which means your employees will see all the cost centres when submitting an expense report or booking travel. They can simply select the cost centre they belong to and the trip or expense report will be tagged accordingly.

Allow employees to access their own cost centres only

  • If you want your employees to only see the cost centres that they belong to, you can select this setting. With this, employees will only see cost centres based on their membership when submitting an expense report or booking travel.
  • Note: If selected, you must make sure that all your employees are assigned a cost centre, or they won't be able to proceed if cost centre selection is mandatory.

✅ Cost centre selection

Make cost centre selection mandatory for trips

  • Allows you to make cost centre selection mandatory (or optional) for every travel booking.
  • Note: If you make this mandatory, you must make sure all employees are assigned to a cost centre or make all cost centres visible to everyone, or they won't be able to book travel for themselves

Make cost centre selection mandatory for expense reports

  • 🚧 Coming soon
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