Travelstop + Xero

With the Xero integration turned on, admins can sync their expense data on Travelstop with Xero accounting software.

What data is synchronised?

The following data gets synchronised between Travelstop Expenses and Xero.

  • Chart of accounts: Expense related GL accounts from Xero imported as expense categories in Travelstop.
  • Expense reports: Approved expense reports on Travelstop exported as Purchase Bill in Xero.
  • Tracking categories: Tracking categories and options on Xero can be mapped to Groups in Travelstop.

Connecting to Xero

You can connect your Travelstop account with Xero in just a few minutes. Just follow the following steps:

  • Click Sign in on the Travelstop homepage and select your company (You can directly sign in using your company's Travelstop URL as well).
  • Go to Company Settings and select Integrations.
  • Find Xero in the list and click Connect.
  • Follow the steps to allow access and choose the Xero organisation you want to connect to Travelstop.
  • Once done, you can review your settings and click on Start Syncing.

Configuration settings

You can adjust the following configuration settings on the integrations page as per your requirements.

📁 Expense reports

Only your approved expense reports will be exported as Purchase bills in Xero. This is enabled by default.

📅 Purchase bill date

By default, we pick the date of the last expense in the report as your purchase bill date in Xero. But, you can change it to any of the following options

  • Last expense date: The purchase bill will reflect the date of last expense in your expense report.
  • Submitted date: The purchase bill will reflect the date when the report was submitted for approval.
  • Exported date: The purchase bill will reflect the date when the data was exported to Xero.

✅ Purchase bill status

By default, your purchase bill status will "Awaiting payment" in Xero once exported. You can change that to any of the options below

  • Awaiting payment: The purchase bill in Xero will reflect the status as 'Awaiting payment' when exported.
  • Awaiting approval: The purchase bill in Xero will reflect the status as 'Awaiting approval' when exported.
  • Draft: The purchase bill in Xero will reflect the status as 'Draft' when exported.

🗂 Chart of accounts

Your expense related chart of account in Xero will be imported as Travelstop categories. This setting is enabled by default and can't be disabled as we need your exact categories from Xero for sync to work seamlessly.

Note: Your existing expense categories on Travelstop will be disabled and hidden while the integration is turned on. If you need to add a new category, you can add it in Xero, and it will be imported automatically. Your old categories will be restored once the connection is turned off.

📝 Tracking categories (optional)

By default, Tracking categories is disabled. If you're using Tracking categories in Xero, you could map it to Groups in Travelstop. Which means, we will send your Groups data as Categories options in Xero.

Note: If the Group value doesn't exist as a tracking option in Xero, it will be automatically created.

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