If you're an approver for a group (department), all the trip budget requests submitted to that group will be sent to you for approval. Follow these simple steps if you need to pre-approve a trip budget for your employees.

  1. Click Sign in on the Travelstop homepage and select your company (You can directly sign in using your company's Travelstop URL as well). 

  2. Switch to Expenses tab in the header.

  3. Click on Approvals in the sub-header. 

  4. Under Open tab, you will see all the trip budget requests that require your approval tagged as Pending approval.

  5. Select a trip budget request to view more details, you can see your employees trip details, travel dates, and budget requested. 

  6. If everything looks good, click on Approve to approve the trip budget request. ✨

🔜 Next step: Employee will receive an email notification for the approval, and they can add expenses up to the pre-approved budget amount and submit the report for reimbursement. 

💡 Pro tip: You'll receive an email notification every time a report is sent to you for approval, click on the link in the email to access the report details directly.

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