Low-cost carriers

Checked baggage is generally not included in the cheaper fares for low-cost airlines. If there is checked baggage included in the fare, the information will be shown on the search results page. Additionally,  you can also add baggage for any of the flights during the booking process. 

Baggage price

The price for checked baggage will depend on your airlines, cabin class, departure airport and flight route. You can purchase the checked baggage during the booking process before you proceed to the payment screen.

Maximum weight 

Every airline has different baggage allowance depending on the cabin class, departure airport and flight routes. Detailed information about the baggage allowance will be displayed on the search results page and during the booking process. In case the information is not clear, we recommend that you check baggage policies directly with your airline. 

Can I purchase checked baggage after the ticket is issued?

Yes, you can purchase checked baggage upon web check-in, or by contacting the airlines directly. You can also pay for your extra bags at the airline check-in counter at the airport. We recommend you purchase baggage online before your travel as some airlines charge additional fees for adding bags at the airport.

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