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Everything you need to know about setting up your company account on Travelstop

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We understand that managing business travel and expenses is hard– especially for growth companies. That's why at Travelstop—we make it easy to manage your business trips, automate your expense reporting and provide meaningful insights. Don't miss our What is Travelstop article if you'd like a refresher before you get started.

Unlike traditional travel management companies where onboarding can be a daunting process, and can even take up to months to finish. At Travelstop, onboarding and new company setup can be done in minutes, just follow these simple steps.

Step 1–Create a new company account

First, visit Travelstop to create a new company account. All you need is your work email address. We’ll walk you through each step, but you can visit Create a company article if you’d like instructions to follow along. 

✨That's it! You are now the Primary Owner of the Travelstop company account.

Step 2–Add/Invite your team members

You can start inviting everyone to your company account on Travelstop. There are a few ways to invite new members: 

  • Send an email invitation

  • Allow email signup

  • Add new user manually

  • Use bulk onboarding template

Just go to Users under Company settings where you will see the options. For step by step instructions, you can visit Invite or add new members article.

Step 3–Create groups and assign approvers

Once you have the users onboard, it's time to create groups and assign approvers for each group. You can create groups that best represent your company and organisation structure. Just visit Groups under Company settings and start adding members and approvers. Follow the Create groups help article for detailed instructions.

✨That's it. You're all set to manage all your business travel and expenses in one single place.

Few other things to review

  • Default reporting currency: Ensure that your reporting currency is set correctly. You can refer to the Default reporting currency article to learn how to change it. 

  • Expense categories: Review your expense categories. We have a default set of categories for everyone, but you add/remove any category to align with your accounting system. Follow the guide for expense categories

  • Travel policy: Set a simple travel policy for your company. You can set up a travel policy for flights and hotel in just a few minutes. Learn how to set up a travel policy for your company.  

  • Roles and permissions: Understand and adjust different roles for your company account and its level of permissions and access. You can make someone admin for more access privileges, learn about different roles and permissions here

  • Bulk upload: If you want to onboard your employees in bulk, we now offer free personalised onboarding assistance for companies. Just follow these instructions

💡 Pro tip: You can use our email template for introducing Travelstop to onboard your team members on Travelstop

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