There are various ways you can join a company on Travelstop. To join a company, you’ll need to create an account. You can also join multiple companies on Travelstop with the same account. 

Ways to join a company on Travelstop:

  • Accept invitation from someone in the company.

  • Join a company using your work email address.

💌 Accept invitation from someone in the company.

Once you've been invited to join a company on Travelstop, you will receive an email invite which you can accept to join the company.

  1. Check your inbox for an email invitation from Travelstop

  2. Click on Accept invite

  3. Enter your Full name, phone number and create a password

  4. Click Continue, and you're all set ✨

💻 Join a company using your work email address.

Some companies allow anyone with a verified work email address to join a company. Follow the following steps to find out if your company allows email sign ups with company email address.

  1. First, enter your work email address on the Travelstop homepage and click Get started. 

  2. Click Find your company

  3. Check your inbox for a confirmation code from Travelstop. Enter the confirmation code to continue

  4. Select the company by clicking Join and creating an account (you'll be asked to Sign in for you already have an existing account)

Alternatively, if your company allows sign-ups from a verified work email address, you can also directly sign up using your company URL — it would look something like

💡 Keep in mind: Joining a company makes you a Member (the default role for everyone) of the company. 

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