What is Travelstop?
See how Travelstop works, what it can do for your business and what makes it different to other solutions.
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Travelstop is a modern solution for business travel—we make it easy to manage your business trips, automate your expense reporting and provide meaningful insights.

What can I do with Travelstop?

Travelstop offers 3 core products features: Travel, Expenses, and Insights—perfectly integrated to provide a seamless business travel experience.

✈️ Travel: Travelstop lets you book your flights and hotels in minutes. You can even get a pre-approved budget for your trip so that you can customise it as you like.

💸 Expenses: Travelstop automates expense reporting for you. Just scan your receipts on-the-go and submit your expense report when you're ready.

📊Insights: Travelstop gives a real-time view of travel and expense spending. You get organisation-wise data to make those cost-saving decisions.

What sets Travelstop apart?

Unlike most corporate travel tools, which are very enterprise focused, Travelstop reimagines what a business travel tool should look like from a consumer point of view. Travelstop brings everything that you need—right from trip planning until reimbursement—in a simple easy-to-use interface.

Who uses Travelstop?

Travelstop has been designed to simplify business travel experience for everyone including:

  • Business travellers who want a simple and easy way to book and manage their travel and expenses.'

  • Travel managers who want easy-to-use tools to control and manage entire companies business travel.

  • Business owners who want visibility and control over T&E spend while caring about employee productivity and morale.

  • Finance managers who want a simple and automated way to record all company expenses while enforcing proper approval workflows and policy compliance.

Why Travelstop?

Book travel in minutes: Book your flights and hotels in a few clicks. No more back and forth with travel agents.

Expense on-the-go: Snap and attach receipts in seconds. No need to deal with paper receipts and spreadsheets anymore.

Freedom of choice: Flexibility to travel the way you like. With flexible budget approvals, you don’t worry about travel policies.

All in one place: Get all travel and expense data in one place. Know where your travellers are with complete visibility of all bookings and expenses.

Data-driven insights: Stay in control by tracking your expenses at department or an individual level.

Improve productivity: Improve employee productivity by providing tools that simplify, automate and modernise the business travel experience.

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